ROI Influencers: Higher Education — College presidents, on the honor roll

Nancy Cantor
Rutgers University-Newark

Cantor, the longtime chancellor at Rutgers-Newark, has been a longtime leader on diversity, equity and inclusion. She has made Rutgers-Newark an anchor in the city, respected by government and the business community.

Kate Foster
The College of New Jersey

A native of Verona with an impressive academic pedigree (degrees from Johns Hopkins, Cal-Berkeley and a doctorate from Princeton), Foster is aiming to take the well-established TCNJ to the next level.

Merodie Hancock
Thomas Edison State University

The growing importance of Thomas Edison State University cannot be overlooked. What was viewed as a part-time, online night school is now seen as a model for the future. New Jersey is fortunate to have its presence. 

Sue Henderson
New Jersey City University

Henderson, widely respected by education and business leaders, has been a transformational head of NJCU since taking over in the fall of 2012, serving as an example for DEI initiatives and a champion of first-generation college students.

Patrick Leahy
Monmouth University

Right man in the right place, Leahy is one to watch in the state. A strong supporter of first-generation students — and online learning — he is ready to lead one of the state’s unheralded institutions to the next level. 

Joseph Nyre
Seton Hall University

Nyre has kept Seton Hall one step ahead of others throughout the COVID-19 crisis. And his forward-thinking expansion plans — which follow years of updates to the campus — will keep Seton Hall one step ahead for years to come.