Nonprofit Profile: John Brooks Recovery Center is celebrating new residential treatment facility

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    Locations: Main Outpatient Recovery Center, Pleasantville; Atlantic City Outpatient Center, Atlantic City; Residential Treatment Facility, Mays Landing.
    Serving: The New Jersey community.
    Key Members: Michael Santillo, CEO; John Pallies, chief financial officer; Annette Murray, director of corporate compliance; Gabrialle Taylor, director of outpatient services; G. Blair Rambough, associate director of residential services; Barry Glasser, medical director.


    John Brooks Recovery Center was founded in 1969 as NARCO Inc. by a group of six Atlantic City residents. The driving force was John Brooks, an individual recovering from a substance use disorder who wished to help others in his community.


    Our mission is to provide quality, scientifically based, individualized substance use treatment services to New Jersey residents for the prevention, reduction and elimination of the harm caused by substance use disorders.


    Looking to the future, we want to continue to educate and assist our community, while providing a continuum of care for those with substance use disorders.


    This year, we unveiled our new state-of-the-art Residential Treatment Facility in Mays Landing. This facility will allow us to further our mission to provide the highest-quality, evidence-based treatment in state-of-the-art facilities. Through a recovery-oriented care model, we will continue to integrate primary care, behavioral health and recovery support services while providing a continuum of care for each individual.


    • Residential: This program has 48 short-term beds, 48 long-term beds and 24 detox beds providing counseling, educational services and individualized treatment plans to help individuals with substance use disorders reach long-term recovery.
    • Outpatient: This program provides counseling to individuals who are able to pursue their recovery goals with minimal support.
    • Medication Assisted Treatment: A long-term approach to recovery involving daily medication coupled with weekly counseling.
    • Inmate Reentry: Designed to help individuals get their life back on track with counseling and substance use disorder treatments.


    John Brooks Recovery Center receives funding from gracious donors who are passionate about helping individuals with substance use disorders. Our organization also receives government funding.


    John Brooks Recovery Center has grown exponentially over the last 50 years. We now provide outpatient, opioid treatment with all three approved medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder, 48 short-term beds, 48 long-term beds and 24 detox beds in the new residential facility

    and a program for the justice-involved population. We have expanded our program for the justice involved to include recovery support services and care coordination, both when individuals are in the justice system and when they are no longer a part of the justice-involved population. All of our services provide group or individual counseling to provide guidance and support for every individual. We also have two recovery community centers providing a full array of recovery support services, a recovery housing program and a primary care clinic, in total serving as many as 1,200 individuals.

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