3 fire trucks, support vehicle, 10 firefighters sent to help in California

A New Jersey firefighting support vehicle arrives in San Francisco by airplane. (Twitter/San Francisco International Airport)

Three fire trucks, one support vehicle and 10 firefighters from New Jersey landed in San Francisco on Sunday as part of a nationwide effort to help California fight its raging fires.

Gov. Phil Murphy, during his COVID-19 briefing Friday, said the state is always eager to lend a hand — especially when it is returning the favor. California sent much-needed supplies and personnel when New Jersey was in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in March and April.

“They need every hand on deck, and New Jersey will answer the call,” Murphy said Friday. “To Gov. Gavin Newsom, New Jersey doesn’t forget how California was there to help us during our most dire times this spring, and now we’re here for you.”

New Jersey takes part in a nationwide program where states share resources. Earlier this year, New Jersey sent equipment and manpower to Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. This effort was different, because the equipment was sent by plane as opposed to driving out there.

Other news from the weekend:

Health metrics

The state reported an additional 793 COVID-19 cases this weekend, bringing its total to 196,634.

While New Jersey should surpass the 200,000 mark by the end of the month, state residents can take heart in the fact the state no longer has the second-most cases — a position it held for much of the early months of the pandemic.

Seven states have topped the 200,000 mark — with three having topped 650,000.

New Jersey did report eight additional COVID-19 related fatalities, bringing that total to 14,242 — which is still good for the second-highest total among states.

Other hospital metrics:

  • Hospitalized: 444;
  • In intensive/critical care: 98;
  • On ventilators: 37.