Show & Tell: Tom Bracken on N.J.’s opportunity to rebuild

Tom Bracken is the CEO and president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, based in Trenton.

He talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity to reopen and rebuild New Jersey on stronger fiscal footing.

“Ironically, while the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult challenges New Jersey has faced in my lifetime, it also has brought to us a tremendous opportunity. Over the next year, we will be reopening and rebuilding our state economy. Now is our chance to rebuild it on sound, long-term fiscal footing that will again make New Jersey an economic engine where all citizens have the chance to prosper … To take advantage of this opportunity, our elected leaders need to acknowledge the magnitude of the problems we now face and reach out to our best and brightest citizens to collaborate on a bold economic development plan that puts New Jersey on a consistent upward economic trajectory; one that puts us on a strong competitive footing against our neighboring states; that offers incentives for businesses to relocate here and stay here; that offers opportunity to all of our citizens; and that makes New Jersey more affordable and competitive.”