HUMC opens endometriosis center in Hoboken

Hoboken University Medical Center announced on Tuesday it has opened a new endometriosis center in Hoboken.

Led by Dr. Andrea Vidali, the Endometriosis Center of America will provide state-of-the-art treatment for women who have unresolved endometriosis, a disorder where the tissue in the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, and related fertility issues.

“We’re excited for this next step and the opening of the center. We are one of the few hospitals to offer this high level of treatment, and the only one in our area,” Ann Logan, HUMC’s chief hospital executive, said. “This will give us the opportunity build on the tremendous success from Dr. Vidali and his team in helping thousands of women.”

“This unique service, delivered by a community hospital, will continue to help women who have come to us across America and other countries,” Vidali said. “We hope this new center utilizing robotic surgery, among other techniques, will provide comfort and care to women seeking corrective treatment.”

“We are focusing on improving our services for women. The endometriosis center is one of the several projects that Hoboken UMC will implement in the immediate future to improve our Women’s Health Service line,” Dr. Carmelo Milazzo, HUMC’s chief medical officer.