NJ Sharing Network aims to register more donors for Organ Donor Enrollment Day

On Oct. 8, NJ Sharing Network and its health care partners and volunteers announced they will work to register as many organ and tissue donors as possible in New Jersey to celebrate Organ Donor Enrollment Day.

The federally designated organ procurement nonprofit said it wants to sign up at least 2,020 new donors for the 2020 celebration.

“The 2,020 goal helps create a positive spin on the number ‘2020’ as opposed to the negative ‘2020’ references seen virtually everywhere due to the challenges faced this year,” NJ Sharing Network said in a news release.

There are nearly 110,000 Americans, 4,000 of whom are in New Jersey, waiting for a transplant, NJ Sharing Network said. In New Jersey, one person dies every three days waiting for an organ transplant.

“Organ Donor Enrollment Day is about taking action and inspiring others to learn more about how they can save lives through organ and tissue donation,” Joseph S. Roth, CEO and president of NJ Sharing Network, said. “One organ and tissue donor can save eight lives and restore health to over 75 people. I am confident that everyone’s efforts on Organ Donor Enrollment Day will go a long way toward bringing hope to those currently waiting for a transplant.”

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