RCBC announces $2.2M federal grant to help student outcomes

Rowan College at Burlington County has earned a $2.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education aimed at improving student outcomes, it announced Monday.

The two-year college based in Mount Laurel said in a news release that the five-year grant, called “Strengthening Institutions,” will be used in four main ways:

Increasing the number of students who complete 30 credits within their first year;

Improving retention and graduation rates among low-income and minority male students;

Creating a more meaningful orientation process to support first-year students;

Investing in technology and training to create more high-tech classrooms and low-cost course materials.

“Strengthening Institutions will allow Rowan College at Burlington County to make substantial investments in our students that will improve their ability to succeed and complete degrees,” President Michael A. Cioce said in a prepared statement. “This will have a profound effect on many students — particularly those who come from underserved communities — and make us a stronger institution for all.”

The grant will run from October through September 2025, coinciding with the college’s strategic plan, which is scheduled to begin in November.

“A large part of our strategic vision includes better service to students through improved collaboration and cooperation through every facet of the college,” Cioce said. “This grant combines many different elements — teaching, student services and technology, to create a stronger educational opportunity for students.”