Verizon introduces 5G Ultra Wideband in Jersey City

Calling it a huge leap forward, Verizon went live with its 5G Ultra Wideband service in parts of Jersey City on Wednesday.

Verizon said its 5G Ultra Wideband boasts speeds multiple times faster than 4G.

As the technology matures, Verizon said 5G is expected to be able to handle data volumes 100 times larger than today’s 4G service, and provide ultralow latencies, which is the time it takes for a signal to make a round trip from point A to point B.

Customers in Jersey City can now experience ultrafast wireless speeds and take advantage of new immersive customer experiences never before available wirelessly.

Kyle Malady, Verizon’s chief technology officer, said the technology that will create transformational experiences for customers.

“Our goal with this game-changing technology is to reshape the world around us,” he said. “With today’s launches, we are another step farther along on that journey.”

Verizon also is launching 5G Nationwide service for over 200 million people across more than 1,800 cities around the country, including residents of New Jersey.

Verizon customers in Jersey City should expect to see 5G Ultra Wideband service around the following areas: Bayside Park, the Heights and Journal Square. (See where Verizon 5G service is available in New Jersey here.)

Gov. Phil Murphy said the impact is real.

“The addition of 5G Ultra Wideband coverage is a game-changer for Jersey City residents and businesses, particularly as we move into an era of remote work and education,” Murphy said. “As New Jersey seeks to regain our place at the top of the innovation economy, 5G capabilities will help increase our competitiveness as a home for the companies of tomorrow.”

Meadowlands Chamber CEO Jim Kirkos agreed.

“Verizon’s 5G announcement for Jersey City is another great step to advance economic development opportunities for businesses of all sizes,” he said. “5G technology will especially allow our small business job creators to leverage innovative tools to compete in the global marketplace.

“Access to this game-changing technology will allow New Jersey businesses to lead and keep the great American innovation spirit flourishing.”