More than 3,000 new COVID cases for third time in four days

File photo Gov. Phil Murphy, in a patriotic facemask.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced Wednesday more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases in New Jersey for the second day in a row and third time in four days.

Wednesday’s count, 3,078, was far lower than Tuesday, when the state announced there were 3,877 new cases — the seventh-highest total this year. That number, however, likely was artificially high. The state said there was a processing issue Monday, leading to a likely low number of 2,043.

On Sunday, the state had 3,207 new cases.

“The numbers are rising,” Murphy said in a tweet. “Take this seriously, folks. Wear a mask. Social distance. Stay safe.”

New Jersey now has 263,495 cumulative cases. And, while that number is high, it is nowhere near the top of individual state totals.

Texas topped 1 million cases this week. California will do so Wednesday. New Jersey’s number, meanwhile, is close to that of Arizona and Ohio — a three-way race for No. 10 overall among states.

The state also confirmed 15 additional fatalities, brining that total to 14,676 — with nearly 2,000 additional fatalities believed to have been caused by COVID-19.

Final word

In a tweet, Murphy celebrated those who served in the military on Wednesday, Veterans Day.

“Our veterans represent the very best of our state and our nation. We should not just set aside one day a year to honor their sacrifice, but endeavor to do so every day of the year.”