Sheldon Gross Realty names second-generation president

Sheldon Gross Realty has named a new president, only the second one in the real estate firm’s 58-year history.

Marcy Gross, the executive vice president who joined the West Orange-based agency in 1988, has succeeded her father, founder Sheldon Gross. Sheldon Gross, who started the company in 1962, now serves as chairman of the board of directors.

In her new role, Marcy Gross is responsible for both the agency’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations, including overseeing all aspects of real estate sales and property management for clients.

“Heading up this company that’s been so much a part of my life provides many rewards,” she said in a prepared statement. “From a business perspective, what’s particularly intriguing is the breadth of our operations. In addition to leasing and selling multiple types of commercial real estate, we also manage a range of different properties.

“Many companies specialize — but we’ve always had a different vision. Our team’s expertise is extremely varied, and I’m pleased to say this business model has been quite successful for us.”

Gross has been EVP for 25 years, with primary responsibilities in the area of property management.