Need PPE? EDA announces big discount (up to 70% off) for small businesses, nonprofits

Organizations with fewer than 100 employees are eligible — but only until Dec. 10

Small businesses in New Jersey who need PPE can now get it at nearly 70% off if they take advantage of the preferred vendor program established by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the state announced Monday.

It’s all part of the New Jersey Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program, sponsored by the EDA.

Here are the details:

Timing is everything

Small businesses need to wait until Tuesday (Nov. 24), but they must make their purchases by Dec. 10 in order to take advantage of the huge savings. Simply put, it needs to be done by this Dec. 10 date in order for the EDA to use CARES Act money in the program.

After Dec. 10, small businesses will only get 10% off.

You need to qualify

The program is for small businesses and nonprofits with 100 or fewer employees. But they must register. It’s easy and can be done by going to the microsites of the participating vendors: Office Depot and Staples (check them out here).

Once the EDA has confirmed eligibility, small businesses will receive vouchers for purchases from a designated vendor of their choice.

Discounts are part of the order

Small businesses do not have to put up any money. This is not a rebate program. The discounts come at the time of the order. When companies register on the microsites and place an order, they will get the standard 10% deduction — then get an additional 65% deduction from that discounted price.

The EDA, which is offering discounts as grant money, will settle with the vendors.

Cap on savings has increased, too

The NJEDA is doubling the cap on total discounts a business or organization can receive — increasing it to $800 for all businesses and $1,000 for businesses operating in one of New Jersey’s 715 Opportunity Zone census tracts.

Sorry, no do-overs

Businesses that have already made purchases through the program will be able to receive vouchers for additional purchases up to the new program caps, but the additional 65% discount will only apply to purchases made on or after Tuesday.

Still not sure about PPE?

The EDA has that covered, too. It collaborated with the state Department of Health to create an online PPE Planning Tool that helps businesses understand PPE product requirements and estimate their organizational PPE needs. The PPE Planning Tool is available here.

Need more assistance?

The EDA administers a variety of grant, low-cost financing and technical assistance programs for small and midsized businesses impacted by COVID-19. Comprehensive information about these programs and other state support for businesses impacted by the pandemic is available here.

Final word

EDA CEO Tim Sullivan said he hopes the increased discounts will help more small businesses get the PPE they need.

“At a time when all businesses are struggling, and small businesses are facing particularly tough challenges, the discounts this program offers are crucial to ensuring a safe and successful holiday season for the New Jersey business community. The N.J. Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program is a unique collaboration between government and industry that helps business owners identify their specific PPE needs and acquire the products they need to keep their employees and customers safe.”