Show & Tell: Will the novelty of video calls during the pandemic wear off?

Jeff Menzel is regional vice president for Robert Half, based in New Jersey.

He shares his thoughts on a recent survey from Robert Half on video calls during the pandemic — and why the novelty might have worn off.

“Video call fatigue is very real and, several months into an almost fully remote workforce, employees are starting to feel it more than ever. According to a recent survey from Robert Half, nearly 40% of workers said they suffer from video call fatigue. Many are feeling that novelty has worn off and the time and energy it takes to get ready and prepare can be difficult. For managers, it is important to take note. Take a hard look at calendars and assess if the video aspect is necessary. Limit the number of guests — that way, each call doesn’t feel so overwhelming. If they are absolutely necessary, make them brief. Workers are busier than ever, and a quick, more efficient call is the way to go to avoid fatigue and burnout.”