Murphy says N.J., with 400 trucks deployed, is ready for pending winter storm

Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey, which was famously paralyzed during a snowstorm in the first year of his administration, is ready for a pending storm coming Wednesday.

“As anyone looking out a window can see, we are experiencing our first winter weather day of the season,” he said Monday. “A couple of inches is possible in some places by this afternoon. The Department of Transportation already has over 400 pieces of equipment deployed. Roads might be a bit slick in spots, so we ask anyone out there to be extra cautious.”

On Monday, the governor also said confidence was high regarding light measurable snowfall that will fall mainly over the Poconos, Berks County, and a portion of Lehigh Valley. While snow could mix with rain over the Interstate 95 corridor, accumulation was not expected.

On Wednesday, however, is when the state is expecting a more substantial snowfall. Significant snow is expected across eastern Pennsylvania and northwestern New Jersey, with potentially up to 18 inches of snowfall. More likely than not, commutes will be impacted.

“We will have more updates as the forecast becomes more crystalized over the next 24-48 hours,” Murphy said. “If the power goes out, don’t assume your neighbor called it in, call it in yourself. Do not go near any downed telephone poles at all costs. Stay tuned, folks.”