Snaps & Snippets: Hoboken artists complete ‘Art Box Mural Project,’ putting images of inclusion on utility boxes

A series of Hoboken artists were chosen to beautify a series of 15 utility boxes along Washington Street as part of the “Art Box Mural Project,” creating works of art that represent themes of equality and inclusion. The participants, who live or work in the city, were chosen by the Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee, which was formed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla to help improve public spaces through artwork.

From left are Kyla Harvie, Chloe Rousseau, Penny Preston & Sergio Sandino with “We Are All Related,” at 707 Washington St., Hoboken.

Participating artists, their murals and the locations are:

  • Lawrence Ciarallo, “Struggle
    of a Lifetime,”
    89 Washington St.
  • Sayeed A. Syed, “Clear Skies,”
    101 Washington St.
  • Anita Torres Milena, “Universal Lotus,”
    201 Washington St.
  • Kelli Glancey, “Mile Square Celebration,”
    301 Washington St.
  • Chesleigh Meade, “Venuses of Hoboken,”
    425 Washington St.
  • Matthew Dean, “Hoboken United,”
    537 Washington St. 
  • Kyla Harvie, Chloe Rousseau,
    Penny Preston & Sergio Sandino,
    “We Are All Related,”
    707 Washington St.
  • Greg Brehm, “Home Sweet Hoboken,”
    801 Washington St. 
  • Mher Khachatryan, “We Are Together,”
    900 Washington St.
Matthew Dean’s Hoboken United,” left, at 537 Washington St., and Greg Brehm’s “Home Sweet Hoboken,” at 801 Washington St., in Hoboken.
  • Eleanor Sgaramella, “Love Is Love,”
    1001 Washington St.
  • Raisa Nosova, “Silver Mask,”
    1039 Washington St.
  • Alison Josephs, “The Hoboken Tree,”
    1131 Washington St.
  • Michell Wang, “Rainbow Connection,”
    1301 Washington St.

Conversation Starter

Reach Hoboken Arts Advisory Committee at: or call 201-420-2000.