Audit services firm’s management team buys company

The management team of East Brunswick-based audit services firm Acxell has acquired full ownership of the company, it announced this week.

Acxell Holdings LLC, led by Philip Gonzalez, the company’s managing director, and Melissa Taylor, its operations director, has purchased 100% ownership from previous owner BNXOne Holdings LLC, it said in a news release. The firm, formerly known as P&G Auditors and Consultants LLC, did business as P&G Associates.

“We have been contemplating this transaction for several months now with the former owner, as there was a significant amount of interest from other potential purchasers,” Gonzalez said in a prepared statement. “At the end, we were able to confidently demonstrate that the current management team of Acxell possesses the required level of expertise and knowledge to continue to grow the strong foundation of the company.”

The current management team and staff will continue to run the company under the new ownership structure.