Jersey City (again) is named most diverse city in U.S.

New Jersey prides itself in having one of the most diverse populations in the country. It also has the most diverse city.

Jersey City was selected as the most ethnically diverse city in the country in a recent study from the personal finance outlet It’s a distinction that city has been given many times by many different organizations.

And one Mayor Steve Fulop takes pride in.

“Being named the most diverse city in the nation once again is more than just a ranking to us here in Jersey City, it is a fact that highlights all we have to offer as one of the state’s largest cities, as a sanctuary city and as a place where we support all of our residents, regardless of ethnicity, race or gender as we see our diversity as an asset that sets us apart as the best place to live and work,” he said.

“In Jersey City, we celebrate our diversity, and we will continue to serve as a model for other municipalities to follow as we build upon the multitude of resources implemented by this administration to ensure equal opportunity for all.”

Fulop is right. The rich diversity in Jersey City is found elsewhere in the state. Six other urban areas in the state were ranked in the Top 125:

No. 24: Clifton;
No. 50: Newark;
No. 84: Trenton;
No. 89: Paterson;
No. 94: Camden;
No. 109: Elizabeth.

WalletHub said it compared more than 500 of the largest U.S. cities across three key indicators of ethnic diversity: ethnicity and race, language, and birthplace.

Jersey City ranked No. 2 in both ethno-racial diversity and linguistic diversity. It was No. 158 in birthplace diversity.

You can read the full rankings here.

Here is the rest of the Top Five:

No. 2. Gaithersburg, Maryland;
No. 3. Germantown, Maryland;
No. 4. Spring Valley, Nevada;
No. 5. Silver Spring, Maryland.

And, in case you’re wondering: New York City was No. 6; Philadelphia was No. 95.