United’s grounding of 777 not expected to impact travel at Newark

United Airlines’ decision to ground 24 of its Boeing 777 aircraft after a near-disastrous event this weekend will not impact flights in or out of Newark Liberty International Airport, a United spokesperson told ROI-NJ.

The spokesperson said the Boeing 777 does not typically go in or out of Newark.

“We expect minimal impact to our customers overall as we work to substitute in different aircraft,” the person said.

United made the move to ground its Boeing 777s on Sunday after the Federal Aviation Administration indicated it would mandate inspections and “likely” remove some of the jets from service, following an incident on a plane leaving Denver.

The engine of a Boeing 777-200 failed shortly after takeoff from Denver International Airport, scattering pieces of debris across a half-mile residential area outside the city, providing hard-to-believe scenes.

The plane was able to return to the airport and land. No injuries were reported on the ground or among the flight’s 231 passengers and 10 crew members.