United to offer unique ‘direct’ trip to Breckenridge that takes passengers straight to ski slopes

Passengers will fly to Denver, then board ‘connecting’ bus to resort town, bypassing luggage retrieval

If you feel comfortable taking a trip — and you want to go skiing out West — United Airlines is introducing a fly-ride experience next month that may interest you.

Starting March 11, United will be offering “direct” service to Breckenridge, Colorado, which features flights to Denver and then a shuttle through a partnership with Landline.

Flights start as low as $397 (depending on the day and the spot on the plane), with the connecting trip to the slopes included in the price.

United officials said passengers connecting to Breckenridge will land in Denver, then transfer to the Landline service within the airside area of the terminal — then, the service will depart from an assigned gate in Concourse A.

Passengers will have their checked-in baggage transferred directly from the plane to the bus — in the same manner luggage would be connected to another flight. And, since the bus trip is treated as part of the ticket, customers will earn miles, too.

The daily flight to Denver leaves at 7:55 a.m. Passengers are schedule to arrive in Breckenridge at 1:45 p.m. Mountain time.

A similar service will be available on flights to Fort Collins, Colorado, on April 1.

“We’re confident customers will love the spacious leather seating, onboard streaming entertainment and free Wi-Fi — and, of course, the convenience of not having to collect their baggage, find their way to a bus stop or rental car facility,” United spokesperson Robert Einhorn said.

United said the New York area historically has been one of the Top 10 departing sites for Breckenridge and Fort Collins.

“We have been continuing to identify opportunities to strategically expand our network to places which we know our customers want to travel — places like Breckenridge and Fort Collins, which are both currently unserved by any other carrier,” Einhorn said.