Englewood Health’s Geller signs CEO Action Pledge, a promise to support and advance D&I initiatives

Englewood Health CEO Warren Geller recently signed the CEO Action Pledge in support of advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and reducing health care disparities in the communities Englewood serves.

“We’re thrilled and fortunate to work in a melting pot here at Englewood Health,” he said. “It’s what makes us special. It’s what makes us tick.”

Warren Geller. (File photo)

To date, more than 1,600 CEOs across the country have signed this pledge. The pledge outlines a specific set of actions to cultivate a trusting work environment, where all ideas are welcomed, and employees feel empowered to have meaningful discussions.

The pledge is just the last step Geller has taken on the issues of diversity and inclusion.

Last fall, Englewood Health established a Diversity and Inclusion Education Council made up of members from throughout the organization.

Geller said the pledge and the council are another way Englewood is addressing health care disparities in the community — disparities that have been all the more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the pandemic has impacted communities of color at a far greater rate.

“We’re extremely proud here of the way we’ve been taking care of our communities, all of our communities throughout this pandemic,” Geller said.

The Diversity and Inclusion Education Council has been at the forefront, with initiatives and programs targeting both employees and the community.

Englewood Health is working with the local health department and community-based organizations providing COVID-19 vaccines in downtown Englewood.

From this easily accessible location, the health care system organized a team to administer the vaccines to the most vulnerable residents, recognizing that COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted communities of color.

Englewood Health also has been meeting with community leaders to provide education and address vaccine hesitancy throughout the pandemic.

In addition, Geller said Englewood Health remains laser-focused on keeping diversity and inclusion and the challenges of unconscious bias in the health care environment as a top priority by providing a robust training program.

In signing the pledge, Geller said it was an important step to continuing Englewood Health’s commitment to working together to bring about positive changes needed to improve quality of life for everyone.

“This is the beginning of our journey,” he said. “It is not the end.”