Cococare announces 1st female president — making statement on International Women’s Day

Cococare, a privately held American beauty company in Dover, named Joanne Schlesinger president Monday — an announcement made with purpose, as it is in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

She will succeed her father, Gerald Dubin, who made the announcement.

“We chose to announce Joanne’s appointment as the new president of Cococare on International Women’s Day to emphasize the importance of female leadership in the beauty industry,” he said. “I have full confidence in turning over the reins to Joanne.

“She has already contributed significantly to our company’s growth and she is absolutely committed to finding new ways to provide great skincare at a great price.”

The company, which was founded in 1969, is best-known as home to the 100% Cocoa Butter Stick, best known as the “Yellow Stick.”

Schlesinger has held multiple leadership roles within Cococare since 1999, bringing prior experience from engagements at major brands, such as Revlon and Calvin Klein. At Cococare, she has overseen different areas of operation, including financial management, product development and, most recently, marketing.

“I am excited to take on this new leadership role within Cococare and to help direct the company’s future, continuing the brand’s values-based legacy that my father began over 50 years ago,” she said. “Our 100% Cocoa Butter stick has been a tradition for generations of women and men, and I look forward to helping our team create more ways to enjoy #SkincareForAll.”

As the director of marketing, Schlesinger led the brand’s strategic repositioning, designed to help millennials and Gen Z discover the meaningful benefits of Cococare that have been enjoyed by previous generations.

The brand’s new #SkincareForAll messaging was developed to reflect the product range, quality and accessibility that Cococare brings to consumers, underscoring the company’s competitive advantage in the beauty industry.

Additionally, Schlesinger pioneered Cococare’s expansion into trend-forward product lines, such the brand’s refreshing new facial mist collection that has become an instant success during the pandemic-inspired Zoom fatigue.

All Cococare products are manufactured in the U.S.