Murphy on COVID card: ‘Don’t get rid of the card; that’s likely to be something valuable’

Gov. Phil Murphy said residents should make sure they keep the card that shows they have been vaccinated — “That’s likely to be something valuable,” he said.

Murphy, however, did not give any specifics to how it may be used.

Speaking on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Friday morning, Murphy said uses for the card are “under consideration.”

“There are lots of different potential uses for that, whether it’s going to a sporting event, getting on a plane, etc.,” he said. “So, hold onto it.”

Murphy was asked specifically if state workers would need to be vaccinated to return to state offices (“Not yet,” he said) or show specifically that they have not been vaccinated, if they return to work without it (“That clearly is an option,” he said.)

Another potential use could be to eliminate the quarantine requirement following out-of-state travel — which New York recently announced it was doing.

For now, all of these options are just possibilities — and reasons to keep your card.

“Keep the card laminated,” Murphy said. “And put it in your wallet.”