Branding 101: Middlesex College feels new name, logo will bring new recognition

A new name, a new logo — even a new mascot. Middlesex College President Mark McCormick hopes all of this will lead to county residents taking a fresh look at the school — and coming away with a new impression.

“Despite such amazing outcomes for our students, there are many in our community who remain unaware of what Middlesex College has to offer,” he said. “With our new name and rebranding, we aim to spread the word about all that Middlesex College stands for and to help dispel the stigma around attending a two-year institution.”

The name change, announced in January, was formally presented during an online media event with Middlesex County officials, who feel strongly that the school contributes greatly to the area’s economic growth.

County Commissioner Director Ron Rios and others spoke to the long-term vision of this new brand identity, outlining its significance within the college community and within the region’s economic growth plans, and alignment with the county’s own distinctive brand strategy.

The development of Middlesex College’s new brand identity followed a similar path to Middlesex County’s brand journey, Rios said. The county, through a strategic marketing strategy, has been working for the past several years to attract new talent and opportunities in an effort to make it a premier destination for individuals to live, work and play.

Rios feels the rebranding of what was formerly known as Middlesex County College will help the school position itself to become a leading choice among students in the region.

“The new Middlesex College brand identity perfectly reflects the college’s unwavering dedication to its mission,” Rios said. “And every element — from the new name to the new logo and even the new mascot — reinforces the message that Middlesex College is a worthy first choice for prospective students. Just as Middlesex County is a top destination for residents and businesses.”

County Commissioner Deputy Director Kenneth Armwood agreed.

“Middlesex County shares the College’s commitment to ensuring that an excellent, affordable education is accessible to all, and we recognize Middlesex College as a key pipeline for the talent that will fuel local businesses and help us achieve our strategic, long-term economic development goals,” he said.

In addition to the new logo unveiled today, Middlesex College announced that a naming of the new physical mascot, the Colt, will be chosen following an online poll of the student body in the coming months. The mascot will be used in athletic and campus events, as well as in recruitment and outreach efforts.

Middlesex County interim Executive Superintendent and Trustee Kyle Anderson said all of the actions will help.

“As a former athlete, football coach and Middlesex College student, I can tell you that the new Middlesex College brand is extremely important in creating school spirit and a sense of pride and camaraderie that propels student life and an athletic program forward. Having a new, exciting brand is something that will bring pride to our campus,” he said.