IEEE organization creates member alliance for augmented-reality wearables

The Piscataway-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers said Monday its Industry Standards and Technology Organization has created a new member program, the LaSAR Alliance, focused on laser scanning for augmented reality.

The IEEE ISTO’s new program aims to help drive the growth of the market for augmented reality wearables, such as smart glasses, the organization said in a news release. It intends to encourage development and promotion of technologies, techniques and more, to better facilitate a marketplace for ideas in the laser beam scanning field, including best practices.

“The formation of the LaSAR Alliance will facilitate the growth of the augmented reality market,” Bharath Rajagopalan, chair of the alliance, said in a prepared statement. “Laser beam scanning solutions show great promise to realize a number of critical requirements necessary for the development of all-day wearable smart glasses and head-mounted display solutions. Achieving this objective requires a tightly knit ecosystem of complementary technologies, and the alliance is set up to foster an environment of cooperation and collaboration.”

The founding members are: ST Microelectronics, Osram OS, Dispelix, AMAT and Mega1.

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