Show & Tell: Explaining ‘breadcrumbing,’ and why managers should avoid it

Jeff Menzel is a regional vice president for Robert Half, based in New Jersey. 

He explains the trend of “breadcrumbing,” and why managers should avoid it at all costs.

“Our data shows that job applications are coming in fast and furious — 72% of senior managers said they are receiving more applications than they were pre-pandemic. So, naturally, 33% said it is taking them longer to hire — leading them to ‘breadcrumb,’ or lead on, candidates. While the market has shifted dramatically in the past year, it is important to note that candidates do not appreciate being led on. Not only that, but, the longer you wait, the more likely you lose a good candidate to another company. Ultimately, hiring decisions need to be made in a timely fashion to get the best talent and to sustain a good reputation amongst job seekers.”