Partner with N.J.’s leading infectious disease specialists

ID Care was founded in 1996 with the merger of two independent infectious disease practices. It is now the largest independent infectious disease practice on the East Coast, and the second-largest in the U.S. More than New Jersey’s largest network of board-certified infectious disease physicians, they are clinical leaders, innovators and researchers, providing every patient they serve with personalized solutions — all focused on the identification, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.

As specialists in all aspects of infectious disease care — including HIV, hepatitis, pneumonia, C. diff, STDs, UTIs, tick-borne diseases, wound infections and others, ID Care physicians offer the most effective prevention methods, accurate diagnoses and state-of-the-art treatments available today.

ID Care proudly serves and works alongside other physicians and allied health care professionals in many health care facilities throughout New Jersey — providing expert consultation, leading infection control protocols, epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship programs, and other needed solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of infectious diseases. ID Care partners with a range of health care facilities, including ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, long-term care, skilled nursing, sub-acute facilities, rehabilitation, physician practices, residential medical institutions, among others.

Clinical experts deliver life-changing and life-saving solutions

ID Care, led by President Dr. Ronald Nahass, is driven by its mission to lead in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases by providing innovative solutions to our communities.

The key values that inspire and guide ID Care team’s decisions and actions include:

  • Care that is empathetic;
  • Compassion for all;
  • Collaboration that fosters teamwork;
  • Communication which is timely, transparent and respectful.

These are the ways ID Care connects patients and communities to the highest level of infectious disease services. As a longstanding partner with some of the most renowned health care organizations in New Jersey and the nation’s most prestigious government agencies, ID Care is a reliable resource with the right specialists, delivering the right care, at the right place and time. From infectious disease care to wound and travel care to state-of-the-art infusion services — their focus is centered on providing superior, cost-effective results and safe outcomes.

Pioneering excellence in infectious disease care nationwide

ID Care is nationally recognized for its expertise and infectious disease specialty services. Its leading-edge epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship program allow its partners to provide patients with the least amount of medication to achieve the safest and most effective results — leaving a resounding positive effect on both the individuals they treat and the communities they serve. And, as ID Care adapts to the ever-changing health care landscape, it’s developing a comprehensive service line that meets the needs of any client and infectious disease, under any circumstance, for any group, organization or individual throughout the country.

Tangible benefits of working with infectious disease experts

There are many benefits realized to the range of health care facilities and physician teams working alongside the specialists of ID Care:

  • Improved care through the latest in infectious disease practices: With leading-edge infectious disease services and a team of more than 40
    top-rated infectious disease specialists at your disposal, 24/7, ID Care helps a health care organization ensure its patients receive the very best care.
  • Lowered risk by staying up-to-date on the safest infectious disease protocols: ID Care is expertly equipped to help health care organizations with the recommendation, implementation and supervision of infectious disease protocols to ensure safer results.
  • Reduced costs through efficient and cost-effective solutions: ID Care solutions are designed to use the least number of resources to produce the best possible outcomes.
  • Better outcomes to enhance an organization’s capabilities: As infectious disease experts, ID Care provides the most state-of-the-art practices available to help the organizations they work with produce higher survival rates among patients, while lowering infection rates among health care workers.

National impact, strong New Jersey presence

Nationally recognized for infectious disease specialty services, ID Care provides infectious disease care, wound care, infusion care and travel care across nine outpatient locations throughout New Jersey — Cedar Knolls, East Brunswick, Hillsborough, Oakhurst, Old Bridge, Princeton, Randolph, Somerset and Wayne. It also serves hundreds of health care facilities throughout the state, providing vital care to ensure the health of health care workers and the patients they serve.

If you have any questions on ID Care services or would like to consult with an expert on designing or implementing a customized program for your facility, please call 908-281-0221 or visit ID Care Partners today.