Komline-Sanderson acquires waste-reduction systems business

(File photo)

Komline-Sanderson, a Peapack-based maker of equipment for wastewater management and other industrial applications, has acquired a company specializing in waste-reduction systems for the food and beverage industry, it announced this week.

The acquisition of Haselden Co. Inc., Komline’s third in recent weeks, will enable the company to expand its product and service offerings, capacity and reach, it said in a news release.

“We are pleased to complete another important step in this multifaceted expansion of our business,” Komline CEO Danai Brooks said in a prepared statement. “Haselden has unparalleled expertise in design, fabrication and installation of sanitation and waste-reduction equipment for beverage manufacturing plants.”

Komline also recently acquired Barnes International, an Illinois-based maker of coolant filtration equipment, and Harn R/O Systems, a Florida-based producer of treatment systems.