ROI Influencers: Technology 2021 — Academics

Joel Bloom and Nariman Farvardin appear in our Top 10.

David Bader
Director, Institute for Data Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology

An expert in massive-scale analytics and computational genomics, he also is an adviser to the White House and serves on the leadership team of the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub.

Jason Corso
Stevens Institute of Artificial Intelligence

His research lies at the intersection of visual computational systems, natural language, the physical environment and, of course, humans. His larger focus is to empower and educate society on using AI ethically and responsibly.

Andrea Goldsmith
Dean of engineering and applied science
Princeton University

An expert and entrepreneur in wireless systems, she was awarded the Marconi Prize, the highest honor in telecommunications research, in 2020.

Pavita Howe
Director, entrepreneurship partnerships
Rutgers University

A veteran of many startups, she now manages relationships with external partners, including investors, alumni, entrepreneurs and industry partners. Previously served as director of the Rutgers TechAdvance Fund, where she helped launch and manage 50 projects.

Rod Priestley
Vice dean for innovation

He provides academic leadership for innovation and entrepreneurship activities across campus; but, he’s also a leading researcher in the area of complex materials and processing — the co-inventor of a device that uses sunlight to drive water purification.

Simon Nynens
New Jersey Innovation Institute

Heads NJII, an NJIT corporation that helps turn ideas into workable solutions across six divisions: biopharma, data and advanced technology, defense and homeland security, entrepreneurship, health care delivery and human capital.

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