ROI Influencers: Technology 2021 — Founders (N-Z)

Don Katz, Thai Lee and David Rosenberg appear in our Top 10.

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Chaya Pamula
Co-founder & CEO
PamTen, SheTek and SOFKIN

Her company conceptualizes innovative software products that open doors into new marketplaces — but she makes her mark as a philanthropist, having founded both SheTek (which supports women in technology) and SOFKIN (a support organization for children in need).

Ranjini Poddar
Co-founder & CEO
Artech Information Systems

The full-service staffing firm Poddar started in 1992 is now the largest woman-owned information technology staffing company in the U.S., serving nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies with its global workforce of more than 10,000.

Ari Rabban
Co-founder & CEO, a small business communication solution that lets you connect a business phone number to any device, was founded in 2006 but came of age last year, when companies scrambled to provide telecom services during the pandemic.

Abhi Ramesh
Founder & CEO
Misfits Market

Misfits Market describes itself as a weekly subscription of sometimes funny-looking, always delicious produce, designed to break the cycle of food waste and create positive and lasting impact.

Suuchi Ramesh
Founder & CEO
Suuchi Inc.

She’s a nationally recognized leader in software and manufacturing — someone who pivoted her services across the country to help with the pandemic. More than that, she is the new-age entrepreneur the state longs for.

Rajesh Sinha
Founder & CEO
Fulcrum Digital

Next-generation digital acceleration company provides transformative technology services from ideation to implementation that have applicability across a variety of industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, retail, higher education, food, health care and manufacturing.

Angelo Stracquatanio
Co-founder & CEO

Apprentice leverages Pharma 4.0 to help organizations scale faster and increase speed to market using a cohesive system that understands how people, processes and physical environments are connected within a cyber-physical network.

Monica Smith
Founder & CEO
Marketsmith Inc.

A leader in using technology to power marketing and communications — she holds a number of patents — Smith is the founder and head of one of the fastest-growing women-owned firms in the state.

Wim Sweldens
Co-founder & chief architect
Kiswe Mobile
What’s more impressive: That Kiswe is a live streaming and video production company used by some of the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies, sports and eSports leagues, including the NBA — or that it works with K-Pop stars BTS, arguably the most popular group in the world?

Gene Waddy
Co-founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur heads the nation’s largest African American owned IT staffing and solutions firm. With an extensive background in the staffing and technology services industry, he combines his business acumen with his desire to help others by developing transformative programs that promote diversity in the workforce and supply chain.

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