Another vaccine milestone (4M have at least one shot) for N.J.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced this weekend that New Jersey had reached another milestone: More than 4 million residents have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Murphy has said the state aims to have 4.7 million residents fully vaccinated by June 30.

As of Sunday morning, 2,738,433 people have been fully vaccinated — a number that would jump to 4 million in the next 3-4 weeks, should all those who have received their first shot get a second.

“Let’s keep this progress up,” Murphy tweeted Sunday morning: “Roll up your sleeve.”

And, while the pacing would indicate the state will reach its 4.7 million goal, there is concern from state officials that the next few million will be harder to administer, with many residents having vaccine hesitancy if not straight refusal.

The state has continued the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — which no longer is on pause. The portability of the J&J vaccine seemingly makes it ideal for those who have difficulty reaching a vaccine site. To this point, the J&J vaccine has not been used much in the state.

The state has administered 6,513,215 vaccine shots. A look at the numbers:

  • Total shots administered: 6,515,215;
  • First shots administered: 4,018,164;
  • First shot Pfizer: 2,067,277;
  • Second shot Pfizer: 1,350,863;
  • First shot Moderna: 1,701,916;
  • Second shot Moderna: 1,138,596;
  • One-shot J&J: 248,974;
  • Fully vaccinated: 2,738,433.

Other statistics, based on shots administered:

  • Female: 55%;
  • Male: 45%;
  • White: 56%;
  • Hispanic: 10%;
  • Asian: 10%;
  • Black: 10%;
  • Other: 10%;
  • Unknown: 8%.