Brookdale CC offering 18-week software development bootcamp

Program is geared toward adult learners looking for new careers

Much is made of higher education creating the next generation of workers — and it comes with the assumption that the employee is a recent high school grad.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

Software development figures to be one of the most in-demand industries in 2021 and is projected to be the fastest-growing occupation in this decade. The Office of Continuing and Professional Studies at Brookdale Community College will offer part-time coding bootcamps to train the adult learner with the skills needed to enter the field of technology.

The pandemic has pushed many people toward the decision of reskilling or upskilling in an effort to find employment or advance in their careers. Brookdale officials feel these coding bootcamps offer a solution that is low-risk and more affordable, costing three to four times less than similar programs.

Brookdale officials say the coding bootcamps will offer an accelerated path to landing jobs in roles such as Java developer, software engineer, back-end developer, application developer and front-end developer — with competitive base salaries.

Students will learn in-demand skills and be ready to enter the data-driven workforce within just 18 weeks. The curriculum, officials said, is designed to teach the technologies and methodologies that industry employers look for when hiring entry-level developers, without the time or financial commitment of a computer science degree.

Joan Ali Scocco, dean of continuing and professional studies at Brookdale, said that flexibility is key.

“One of the best features of this program is the opportunity it offers to students who want an accelerated path to a career in IT,” she said. “The flexibility of the bootcamp model allows students to enter a skilled workforce and secure a well-paying job in less than six months.

“No matter where you are starting from, at Brookdale, here will get you there.”

Throughout the duration of the high-tech, high-touch program, students dedicate 1.5 hours to live, personally tailored microlectures and an additional 13-18 hours of self-paced learning each week. Officials said there also will be opportunities to enrich the learning experience are offered through weekly one-on-one meetings with mentors, a responsive Slack community, office hours and career services.

Brookdale Community College is partnering with Promineo Tech, an Education-as-a-Service provider, to offer coding bootcamps and related technology training.

Promineo Tech President Nick Suwyn said the small class sizes support personalized learning and individualized attention while fostering the growth of a supportive professional network.

“We don’t teach lessons, we teach students,” he said. “Our bootcamp programs, and the whole methodology of how we teach, revolve around giving students the individualized experience they need to be successful.

“Because of our unique model, we’re able to provide the dedicated support students need to learn software development at a significantly reduced cost compared to other bootcamp out there.”

Enrollment for June and July cohorts are currently live. Click here for more info.