Quest extending ‘Return to Work’ program to small businesses

Quest Diagnostics announced this week that it is extending its QuestDirect COVID-19 Testing Program to small businesses.

The program, which was designed to help small businesses foster safer environments for their employees and customers using insights from easy, fast and convenient COVID-19 molecular diagnostic and/or antibody testing services, is now available for wider use, the company said.

The program, which will be available through the QuestDirect consumer-initiated testing platform, will become available in May.

Quest is headquartered in Secaucus.

Quest officials said the average turnaround time for COVID-19 molecular diagnostic test results is 1-2 days, but said the vast majority of tests come in within one day.

“We have the capacity to perform approximately300,000 COVID-19 molecular diagnostic tests a day,” a company spokesperson said. “We are well-positioned to expand clinical testing as well as industry ‘Return to Work’ and ‘Return to Life’ programs such as K-12 school testing.

“These services build on our expertise as the leader in employer population health services, which feature award-winning health screenings and evidence-based intervention programs to improve physical and mental health.”

The initial midsized and large business offering should be well-suited for small businesses that require in-person interactions, such as restaurants, small retail stores, construction companies, auto mechanics and small offices, Quest officials said.