Low-carbon concrete firm Solidia closes $78M fund round, names new CEO

Solidia Technologies, a Piscataway-based company that helps manufacturers produce construction materials using low-carbon cement and concrete, has closed on a $78 million funding round and named a new CEO, it announced Thursday.

The company said it attracted a range of investors in its fundraise, in a mix of new and existing funders. Solidia said the funding will help its continue to develop and deploy its technologies that reduce CO2 emissions in the production of cement and concrete for building projects.

In addition, the company said Bryan Kalbfleisch has been named CEO, joining the firm from construction materials company Summit Materials. He has more than two decades of experience leading manufacturing operations in the concrete and building materials sectors.

“Joining Solidia provides me the rare privilege of helping move cement and concrete into their next generation with higher-performing materials that are better for industry, people and the planet,” he said in a prepared statement. “Having devoted my career to this industry, I am excited to help build a new legacy for it with the support of some of the world’s most committed leaders in advancing sustainable innovation.”