Stevens launching three new master’s degrees, continuing work with Noodle

Stevens Institute of Technology has launched three new online master’s degree programs, working with online learning network Noodle, the Hoboken-based university announced this week.

The new programs include a Master of Science in business intelligence and analytics, and an analytics MBA, both through the School of Business; and a Master of Engineering in engineering management, through the School of Systems & Enterprises.

“Online studies are the future of professional graduate education, and the pandemic has underscored the value of remote degree programs such as those Stevens offers in collaboration with Noodle,” Christophe Pierre, Stevens’ provost and chief academic officer, said in a prepared statement. “The launch of these three additional master’s degree programs builds upon our successful partnership with Noodle, our many years of leadership in online studies and our reputation for providing high-quality, technology-focused graduate education.”

Stevens first partnered with Noodle in 2020 to revise or launch select graduate programs, including the Master of Science in computer science and the Master of Science in data science. The StevensOnline offerings include 20 master’s degrees.