ROI Influencers: Manufacturing 2021 (N to S)

Neta Scientific Inc.
Employees: 37
President: Winifred J. Sanders
Neta Scientific is an exceptional example of a manufacturer on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. The company, a leading distributor of laboratory supplies and solutions to the life science and pharmaceutical industries, is an Minority Business Enterprise- and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council-certified business with key customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic industries. During the height of the pandemic, it pivoted and helped provide life-saving PPE equipment — including N95 and disposable masks — to health care workers.

Norwalt Design Inc.
Employees: 54
CEO: Michael Seitel
Norwalt Design Inc., in business since 1971, manufactures high-speed automation machinery for the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries. To ensure the country has had enough PPE for health care workers, Norwalt partnered with its 3D printer company, Markforged, and printed parts for face shields. For a time, the entire team was dedicated to printing, cutting and assembling face shields.

Nutra-Med Packaging
Employees: 120
President: Mahesh Gupta
As a provider of quality contract packaging for prescription and over-the-counter products to small and midsized businesses in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and health care industries, Nutra-Med showed its importance during the pandemic. It was able to fulfill vital packaging needs, including thermo and cold form blistering, bottling, cartoning, clinical packaging, stability packaging, kit packaging and hand assembly.

Patwin Plastics
Employees: 45
President: Tim Hannen
A manufacturer of extruded plastic products, including T-molding, bumper molding, U-channel and architectural molding, Patwin Plastics serves the entire U.S. market. With a full machine shop with wire electrical discharge machining and computer numerical control equipment, Patwin Plastics has been a big asset to New Jersey during the pandemic because of its ability to fulfill any plastic packaging needs.

Phillips Precision Medicraft
Elmwood Park
Employees: 120
President: John Phillips
An industry-leading manufacturer of advanced orthopedic implants, instrumentation, sterilization delivery systems, cases and trays, PPM worked closely with its clients during the most chaotic times of the pandemic, providing manufacturing support for medical and nonmedical products for use in a variety of applications. 

Pro Tapes & Specialties Inc.
North Brunswick
Employees: 115
President: Ed Miller
Pro Tapes & Specialties has been operating and providing pressure-sensitive tapes for more than 35 years. From school supplies to precision die-cutting and fabricating, it services a wide range of markets and has products designed to meet a variety of needs. When COVID-19 created new needs — including a massive request for face shield components — Pro Tapes & Specialties retooled its shop and began manufacturing the single-sided foam tape used in face shield assembly and the social-distancing printed industrial floor marking tape. 

Proximate Concepts LLC
Fort Lee
Employees: 14
CEO: Dr. Paul Rosenberg
Rosenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon for 30 years, created Proximate Concepts and the iNPLANT funnel, which is a device that can dramatically reduce a common complication associated with placement of breast prostheses. During the pandemic, he converted his medical device facility to produce face shield parts and recruited volunteers to help assemble them.

Cherry Hill
Employees: 140
CEO: Daniel Malcorps
Puratos, one of the more than 1,000 food manufacturers that call New Jersey home, has played a major role in helping the state through the COVID-19 pandemic. Puratos has continued supporting the absolutely vital food supply chain that the pandemic threatened to disrupt, as well as providing tips on good nutrition, post-lockdown & safety guidelines — and even a webinar series that walked people through how to bake their own pastries at home.

Push Beverages
Employees: 7
Co-founder: Laurel Whitney
Manufacturing food and beverage products during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic is vital, as it ensure grocery stores and shops remain stocked. Push Beverages not only did that, it donated thousands of beverages to food banks in the state.

Quality Packaging Specialists International LLC
Employees: 400
CEO: Mike Ricketts
QPSI, an industry leader in contract packaging and supply chain management, has served consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries for more than 40 years by creating a seamless and streamlined approach that accelerating speed to market. These capabilities were critical during the pandemic, as QPSI supported a variety of consumer product companies, allowing the supply chain to progress forward unimpeded.

RB Manufacturing LLC
Employees: 250
Director: Rick Bay
RB Manufacturing supports the production and distribution of Lysol disinfectant spray cans for North America and countries around the world. During the pandemic, it ramped up its production of disinfectant sprays.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp.
Employees: 190
CEO (North America): Thomas Kinisky
The centuries-old, famed French manufacturer is a global leader in producing engineered, high-performance polymer products that serve nearly every major industry. Its products were key during the height of the pandemic, as they helped critical industries such as life sciences, food and beverage, electronics, safety and protection, industrial, energy and more.

Sandvik Coromant
Fair Lawn
Employees: Thousands worldwide
Key principal: Rick Askin
Sandvik Coromant, based in Sweden, makes its U.S. headquarters in Fair Lawn, where it manufactures metal cutting and machine tools used in milling, turning, boring and drilling. This manufacturer is highly advanced, developing and providing incredible digital resources and services to other industrial businesses as needed during the pandemic.

Sanofi U.S.
Employees: 1,720
CEO: Paul Hudson
The Paris-based company, which has its U.S. headquarters in Bridgewater, is made up of five unique business units that specialize in human vaccines, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases and more. When the pandemic hit the globe, Sanofi collaborated with global governments and health agencies to help develop a vaccine against the virus, while testing treatment options using existing medicines.

Employees: 60
President: Peter Connolly
ShockTech manufactures a wide array of components, but specializes in customizing products for multiple markets, including products used in commercial and military aircraft, missiles & launch vehicles, guidance systems, military surface vehicles and more. With a diverse set of capabilities, ShockTech provides a critical service and helps ensure the safety of American military service members. 

Spex Certiprep
Employees: 53
President: Ralph Obenauf
Spex Certiprep manufactures certified reference materials and calibration standards for the analytical spectroscopy and chromatography communities. The company, which has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing products in the state, played a role in the COVID-19 response by shifting its capabilities to where they were best needed.

Super Stud Building Products
Employees: 100
Chief operating officer: Ron Chase
For nearly 50 years, Super Stud Building Products has manufactured the building industry’s most diverse offerings of cold-formed steel framing stud, track and joist components, as well as accessories for the construction of a variety of structures. During the pandemic, Super Stud Building Products and its affiliate companies supported construction projects across the state, most notably with critical hospital and health facility projects. 

Superior Trademark Inc.
Employees: 10
President: Gordon McIntire
Since 1929, Superior Trademark Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality Supamark heat transfers, which comply with U.S. military specifications for clothing, equipage and tentage. During the pandemic, it ensured essential products had the labels they needed. 

Suuchi Inc.
Employees: 100
CEO: Suuchi Ramesh
Suuchi, founded in 2015, is a woman-owned apparel company, clothing manufacturing and supply chain management software provider for today’s brands, retailers and factories. When the pandemic hit the state, Suuchi reworked its operations and began producing PPE, including N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns and gloves.