ROI-NJ presents its ROI Influencers: Manufacturing list for 2021

The manufacturing sector played a huge role in helping New Jersey survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. It just didn’t get a lot of recognition. 

That stops today.

Instead of naming individuals, we are using our first-ever ROI Influencers: Manufacturing list to honor 65 companies that stepped up in the fight against the pandemic.

A few are global conglomerates. Most represent the small and midsize business that make New Jersey go.

Many are family owned, often in their second (or third) generation of leadership. All were essential.

From creating test kits and vaccines … to providing the products and services that helped so many essential operations and pieces of equipment to keep the economy going … to pivoting their production lines to created badly-needed pieces of personal protective equipment, New Jersey manufacturers were at their best in our toughest times.

Here’s a look at some of them.