Holy Name teams with global security firm, will offer forgery-proof vaccination records

Holy Name Medical Center — looking to stay one step ahead of forgery and on the cutting edge of technology — announced Wednesday it has reached a deal with SICPA, a global security firm, to produce forgery-proof medical records that meet the highest levels of data security.

While many health care facilities have issued digital records — including Holy Name — officials at Holy Name feel they are the first to offer a product with this level of protection.

Holy Name officials said the CERTUS myHealth Pass provides individuals with the convenience of having their medical information, such as vaccine cards or prescriptions, easily accessible in a secure digital or paper format that cannot be tampered with, duplicated, lost, damaged or destroyed.

“As one of the only medical systems in the country actively developing our own health care software and innovations, we are thrilled to announce this new secure digital platform for our patients,” Holy Name CEO Mike Maron said. “Holy Name is in a perpetual search for innovative allies like SICPA and we are proud to have created this first-of-its-kind partnership with them.”

As of now, you must have been vaccinated at one of Holy Name’s vaccination centers in Teaneck and West New York to use the system. That could change if secure vaccination records are put online by the state.

SICPA officials said the myHealth Pass enables issuers of COVID-19 vaccinations and tests, such as hospitals, medical centers and laboratories, to create individually secure health certificates specific to the holder.

By providing a digital stamp in the form of a special QR code, SICPA officials feel the myHealth Pass enables public entities such as border agencies, stadiums and theaters to easily verify and authenticate health certificates anywhere in the world. This technology can be used to secure other documents such as patient referrals, diagnostics testing and prescriptions.

Richard Budel, chief commercial officer for digital at SICPA, said the group was happy to reach a deal with Holy Name.

“Holy Name Medical Center was on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19,” he said. “From the earliest days of the pandemic, Mike and his world-class team of doctors and nurses demonstrated a unique ability to develop innovative solutions to help patients.”