iCIMS research finds mixed bag when it comes to diversity recruiting measures

New research by iCIMS found that nearly 20% of organizations are not tracking diversity recruitment metrics, the Holmdel-based cloud talent company said Tuesday.

iCIMS partnered with Talent Board, a nonprofit candidate research organization, on “The State of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace,” to better understand key trends and areas for opportunity for employers across the globe.

“If businesses want to be most effective in achieving their desired results, leaders must be intentional about addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplaces,” Chinor M. Lee Sr., iCIMS’ head of culture, belonging, inclusion and diversity, said in a prepared statement. “The flashpoints from last year that were amplified and magnified by the pandemic have, rightfully, caused many to turn a critical eye toward how businesses show up in the DEI space. Our new research emphasizes how this is a moral and business imperative, and we must collectively move forward on our DEI journeys together.”

Key findings of the report include:

  • Nearly half (49%) of respondents rate their organizations’ diverse hiring efforts “superb” or “excellent,” while another 45% rate their efforts “fair” or “OK,” and 6% rate them “disappointing.” C-suite executives tend to rate their organizations 74% higher than recruiters do, while larger organizations (100,000-plus employees) rate DEI efforts 46% higher than smaller ones (500 to 2,500 employees).
  • Nearly 20% of organizations do not track diversity metrics in recruitment and hiring practices; the Top 5 metrics tracked include ethnicity (60%), race (58%), disability status (50%), veteran status (43%) and age (31%).
  • 60% of organizations have diverse slate policies or diversity-focused recruitment and hiring goals, but only 34% said organizations set diversity-related goals or targets for recruiters and hiring managers, while 45% set no specific targets.
  • More than half (52%) of employers do not use diversity-related data or analytics beyond what is minimally required for EEOC compliance.
  • 62% of participants said their organizations have designated an individual to promote DEI in the hiring process.
  • 47% of organizations have implemented technology to help reduce unconscious bias in recruiting and hiring, and one-third of those that have not plan to do so in the future.

Click here for the full report.

Methodology: More than 350 talent acquisition and human resources professionals responded to the anonymous survey, which was conducted in May 2021 by Talent Board and iCIMS. Participants included recruiters, hiring managers and executives within TA and HR at companies of various sizes and across a wide range of industries worldwide.