Qualcomm extends lease at Somerset Corporate Center in Bridgewater

Tech and telecom company Qualcomm has signed a lease extension at Somerset Corporate Center V, according to owner SJP Properties.

Qualcomm has 95,579 square feet of space at the Bridgewater corporate campus, where it has been located since 2007.

“For more than a decade, Somerset Corporate Center has been able to exceed Qualcomm’s stringent facilities requirements, and, to this day, the complex remains one of the most desirable corporate campuses in the state by virtue of SJP’s commitment to continuously elevate the work-life experience for tenants,” Alexander Erdos, SJP’s senior vice president – leasing & marketing, said in a prepared statement. “No other campus in central New Jersey offers the unmatched lifestyle programming, headquarters-quality workspace and five-star concierge property management that Somerset Corporate Center affords.

“It’s this unique combination that has been integral to keeping discriminating tenants happy and committed to the campus.”

Somerset Corporate Center includes five Class A buildings totaling 1.2 million square feet of space, as well as a central park and amenities.