Autism organization Spectrum360 takes more space, signs long-term lease in Whippany

Property, owned by Tulfra, is home for Independence360, which provides services for those on autism spectrum

Spectrum360, a leader in Autism services, has signed a long-term lease for its location in Whippany — and will expand the Independence360 program it has there, the organization and Tulfra Real Estate announced.

Independence360 offers educational and therapeutic programming to those with special needs. The company plans to expand its day habilitation and adult enrichment programming for individuals with autism.

Marcus Lee, asset manager for Tulfra Real Estate, said the company is happy to be involved in the program.

“Independence360’s enrichment programming and life skill classes play a crucial part in enhancing the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum throughout New Jersey,” he said. “By expanding their space, they can now provide more room for recreational activities and fitness to better serve their participants, as well as adequate storage space for the supplies they need to run their programs.”

Spectrum360 relocated to 60 S. Jefferson Road in Whippany in 2017. The newly signed 10-year lease adds an additional 3,325 square feet to its operations. With the addition of Unit No. 9, Spectrum360 now occupies 15,598 square feet.

“With this expansion, and with our renovations to make best use of the space at 60 S. Jefferson Road, Independence360 can continue to serve more members of the community and help them excel and thrive,” Lee said.

“60 S. Jefferson Road is very accessible via (Interstate 287) and Route 24, so families can easily pick up and drop off program participants. This location is an excellent place for Spectrum360 to grow its Independence360 programming and continue to serve participants who come from all over New Jersey to be a part of it.”

Tulfra Real Estate acquired the 5.5-acre, 57,000-plus-square-foot building in 2014. Since its acquisition, the property has undergone complete renovation both inside and out in preparation for multiuser light industrial/tech clientele. Under Tulfra’s direction, the former manufacturing site was divided into separate units, with upgraded electric, new lighting and new lavatories throughout. Exterior improvements included new entryways, architectural glass and loading doors; repaving of the parking lot; a new roof; and new landscaping.

“The investments we make into our properties transform them into facilities fit for a great number of commercial uses,” Lee said. “Our investments ensure that once-underperforming and -underutilized spaces can once again provide value to their communities and to the municipalities in which they are located.”