ROI Influencers: Food & Beverage 2021 (A to F)

Jeff Braverman

A visionary, Braverman helped transform a family-owned business into an e-commerce giant — and did so long before e-commerce was the way of the future.

Anthony Calandra
Owner and president
Calandra Enterprises 

The current head of the iconic brand — who doesn’t think Calandra’s when they think of bread? — is helping the diversified, family-owned business find its way in post-pandemic world.

Paul Chibe
Ferrero North America

Growth of the brands purchased before the pandemic from Nestle and Fannie May is boosting the incredible market share of a billion-dollar brand.

Mark Clouse
Campbell Soup Co.

Campbell, which saw a huge increase of first-time customers (many millions) during the stay-at-home-pandemic, is now working to ensure that they become regular customers.

Tom Cosentino
Executive director
Garden State Wine Growers Association

The group received attention when many of its members offered free wine to those who get a COVID-19 vaccine. More noteworthy, however, is the fact the state’s wine industry — with approximately 50 growers now — is steadily increasing. 

Jeanne Cretella
Co-founder and president
Landmark Hospitality 

The legendary figure in the New Jersey restaurant scene is preparing for better months ahead. Cretella’s numerous upscale restaurants and banquet/event facilities — like all others — were hit hard by the pandemic. 

Ariane Daguin
Founder and CEO
D’Artagnan Foods

She runs D’Artagnan, a $100 million company that sells meat, poultry, charcuterie and seafood — and now she owns a farm. All for One One for All, in the Hudson Valley, will support the educational D’Artagnan Foundation.

Tim Doherty
President and chief operating officer
Doherty Enterprises

From the purchase of 19 Roy Rogers locations (remember those?) in 1985, Doherty Enterprises has grown into one of the biggest franchise holders in the country, with more than 150 properties.

Alex Duran
Founder and CEO
Son Cubano, Ventanas

Runs two of the best upscale restaurants featuring Latin cuisine in the state: Ventanas (in Fort Lee) and Son Cubano (in West New York).

Dan Fachner
J&J Snack Foods

The Pennsauken-based company — known for dozens of products, including Minute Maid, ICEEs, Sour Patch Kids and numerous pretzel products (including Auntie Anne’s) — first topped $1 billion in sales in 2017.

Brad Finkel
Hoboken Farms

The man who built a pasta sauce empire here by supporting the local “made in New Jersey” vendors continues to participate in local farmers markets throughout the Garden State.

Doug Fisher
N.J. Department of Agriculture

Now more than ever, with new guidelines and concerns on food safety and origin, Fisher’s job has become even more vital — and he’s up for the challenge.

Anthony Frungillo
The Highlawn 

He is leading the family investment group that has acquired the Highlawn and is giving the iconic location a refresh — both in appearance and in food — as it preps for a reopening in the fall.

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