ROI-NJ presents the ROI Influencers: Food & Beverage 2021

From grocery stores to restaurants, processors to distributors, entrepreneurs to  conglomerates, the food business impacts the state in numerous ways. Of course, in the past year — as a global pandemic has made everyone rethink everything — our relationship with food has changed.

Simply put, having the latest and greatest meal has been replaced by a concern for just having a meal: Food insecurity is real — and its impact has touched all portions of society.

So, this year, when we determined the 2021 ROI Influencers: Food & Beverage list, we made sure to honor all those in the industry big and small, but we gave extra emphasis to those who made sure no one went hungry. We can’t think of a better way to have influence.

ROI Influencers: The Top 15

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