HINJ honors NJMEP education effort with ‘Excellence’ award

The HealthCare Institute of New Jersey has honored the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program’s Pro-Action Education Network with its Excellence in STEM Education Award, the organizations announced this week.

The award honors the NJMEP workforce development team for preparing students and upskilling the current workforce to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers through training programs, apprenticeships and more.

“Manufacturers have been struggling for years with a dwindling workforce,” NJMEP CEO John Kennedy said in a prepared statement. “Without people, there is no manufacturing. The industry continues to struggle with an outdated stigma, and our Pro-Action Education Network team has done a tremendous job of breaking down those misconceptions. Between the training and certification programs, as well as our student outreach, we are gaining ground to bridge the skills gap.

“I’m incredibly thankful HINJ is recognizing the efforts of the team. There’s plenty of work left to do, but it’s always nice being honored by such an important organization.”