Donald Norcross: Bills would benefit South Jersey business in big way

Congressman says House package would send $290K in workforce innovation funding to 1st District — plus millions of additional funding

Donald Norcross.

Saying the package would send direct aid to South Jersey, U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross voted Friday to pass H.R. 4502, a package of seven government funding bills focused on investing in the country.

Norcross (D-1st Dist.) said the bills would create good-paying American jobs, grow opportunity for middle class and small businesses, and provide a lifeline for working families.

Most specifically, Norcross said the legislation would aid the 1st Congressional District in the state in three key areas:

  • Send $290,000 in additional Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds for job training;
  • Appropriate $36.9 million in additional funding for schools;
  • Send an additional $22.8 million in funding for veterans’ health care.

“This bill tackles three of my top priorities: creating jobs, expanding opportunity and support for working families,” Norcross said. “Several key provisions were in today’s package that will benefit South Jersey families, including funding to combat hunger, investment in wind energy and clean drinking water, and support for our workers.

“Together, these investments will help reverse decades of disinvestment in our nation.”

Norcross said the seven bills include several provisions benefiting South Jersey. Specifically, the package would:

  • Support the nation’s workers, students and families;
  • Tackle hunger, rebuild public health and consumer safety infrastructure, confront the climate crisis and ensure equity;
  • Support small businesses, protect democracy, rebuild the Internal Revenue Service and strengthen consumer protection;
  • Create good-paying jobs in renewable energy and strengthen environmental enforcement with a focus on environmental justice;
  • Support our veterans, invest in military family housing and protect our national security while building climate resilience;
  • Creating jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, grows opportunity through homeownership and rental assistance, and promote safe transportation and public housing.