Murphy to anti-vax protestors: ‘You’ve lost your minds’

Governor, channeling his inner Chris Christie, says rhetoric is costing people their lives

Gov. Phil Murphy. (File photo)

In an unusual show of anger, Gov. Phil Murphy lashed out at anti-vaccine protestors during an event Wednesday in Union City.

“These folks back there have lost their minds — you’ve lost your minds,” he said.

“You are the ultimate knuckleheads. And because of what you are saying and standing for, people are losing their life.”

It was a moment reminiscent of former Gov. Chris Christie. And one where the stats and facts are on Murphy’s side.

The latest health metrics without question show the delta variant of COVID-19 is leading to an exponential rise in cases throughout the country and New Jersey.

In most instances, the cases are being found in — and spread by — unvaccinated people. More so, in almost 100% of the cases, those suffering the most — including those dying — are unvaccinated.

On Wednesday, the state announced there were 1,164 new confirmed cases — and hospitalizations have increased to 598.

There are 99 people in intensive care, 41 on ventilators. There were 13 more confirmed fatalities, bringing that total to 23,906 — with 2,719 probable additional deaths.

The protestors carried signs that said:

  • Forced Medical Procedures are Crimes Against Humanity
  • No Forced Injections

See video by NJ Advance Media’s Matt Arco here.