Nonprofit Profile: Sempre Avanti, helping Italians in the U.S. and worldwide

In brief

Location: Cedar Grove
Key members: Rosanna Imbriano, founder & director; Diane Byrne, Donna Dispenzere-Hacker, Gregory Iannarella, Sebastiano Locascio and Donna Thompson, board members


Sempre Avanti, which means “always moving forward,” was founded in 2013 as a resource center to serve the Italian community and move Italians forward.


Our goal is to expand our reach to multiple countries. We currently have partners in the U.S., Italy and Canada.


The Sempre Avanti mission is to provide support to all Italians, including individuals, businesses, organizations and associations, in the U.S., Canada and Italy. As a resource center, we provide a multitude of services and develop strategic alliances that not only benefit both parties, but will also enhance our shared culture and heritage to move Italians forward.


Since 2013, Sempre Avanti has provided assistance to many families with numerous issues, such as dual citizenship, immigration, and language- and culture-related concerns.

Some examples of T-Caps donated by Sempre Avanti to women cancer patients in the tri-state area who have lost their hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

We raised $1,100 and donated it to a partnering organization in Rome that supports vulnerable women and children in Italy.

Sempre Avanti has also donated thousands of T-Caps to women cancer patients in the tri-state area who have lost their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. Each cap is made by a volunteer seamstress from donated T-shirts, thread and costume jewelry.


Italian author events, T-Cap program, business partner programs, special events and others — all to support the Italian community.


Our organization is funded through partnerships with businesses that share our mission, generous donations from individuals and sponsorships for our programs. We also have GoFundMe campaigns from time to time for specific purposes.


We have a variety of different partners who support Sempre Avanti. They are listed on our website under partners, including businesses and professionals, such as attorneys, veterinarians, travel consultants, graphic designers, bakeries and banks.


Sempre Avanti is dedicated to supporting the Italian community. We’re always looking for partners that want to do business in the Italian community.

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For more information, please contact Rosanna Imbriano at 973-444-2317, or visit