Pictures and receipts: For businesses hurt by Ida, documentation is essential for getting funding relief

New Jersey Economic Development Authority CEO Tim Sullivan said details around the $10 million small business grant program for companies impacted by Hurricane Ida will be announced next week.

But there’s something every small business owner needs to be doing now: Saving receipts and taking pictures.

“If you are a small business owner here or anywhere throughout the state that was impacted by this, take pictures, save your receipts, keep documentation,” Sullivan said.

“If you can demonstrate you had a problem, and you can demonstrate you had damage, that will make life a lot easier for our programs, for the federal programs, for insurance.

“Document, document, document. (Take) pictures, keep your receipts. If you got a contractor to come by to help you out, keep the receipts. Make sure you have all that documentation, because we’re going to need to see it all to make sure we’re helping folks in need of help the most.”

Sullivan said the grants will be up to $5,000. And the money will be in addition to any funding businesses get from insurance or the federal government.

Sullivan said he expects an application for the program will go up quickly.

“It will be a pretty streamlined application process,” he said. “For better or worse, we’ve learned a lot about how to run pretty efficient grant programs for small business during this tragic last 18 months.”

Sullivan said he understands speed is the key.

“We’ll have this money on the street as fast as we can, because we know that insurance and federal programs are well-meaning, but they can take time,” he said.