Survey: More than half of N.J. business leaders ready to attend in-person events today

State chamber/ROI-NJ poll finds approximately half would like proof of vaccination and masking to be part of event

The 2020 Champions of the C-Suite gather for a photo.

The New Jersey business community may be slowing its return to the office — but its willingness to return to in-person networking events remains high, according to a recent New Jersey Chamber of Commerce/ROI-NJ poll.

The survey, conducted during the last week of August, found that more than 57% of respondents were either “highly likely” or “somewhat likely” to attend an event being held that day. Only slightly more than one in four (29%) said they would be “highly unlikely” or “somewhat unlikely” to attend. Of those responding, 13% said they were “not sure.”

The six-question survey provided a number of insights, including:

  • 56% of those surveyed are ready to attend events now — and an additional 15% feel they will be ready 2-3 months from now. Only 1% said they will need more than a year to feel comfortable;
  • Three of five surveyed (61%) said their company does not have a policy regarding attendance at in-person events. Only 3% said their company restricts attendance;
  • Just over 50% (53%) said they would like proof of vaccination required to attend an event; 51% said they would like masking guidelines to be in place for events;
  • Just under one in four (24%) said they do not need any restrictions in place to be willing to attend an event.

The survey was answered by 150 business leaders.

Here’s a complete look at the results:

If today you were invited to an in-person business networking event, what are the chances you would attend?

  • Highly likely: 39%
  • Somewhat likely: 18%
  • Not sure: 13%
  • Somewhat unlikely: 11%
  • Highly unlikely: 18%

If today you were invited to attend an in-person business networking event, in what timeframe would you consider attending?

  • Now: 56%
  • 2-3 months: 15%
  • 3-6 months: 15%
  • 6-12 months: 13%
  • More than 12 months: 1%

Does your business have a policy with regard to attending in-person events?

  • Yes, it restricts attendance: 3%
  • Yes, it provides guidelines for attending: 27%
  • No: 61%
  • Don’t know: 8%

If you were invited to a business networking event, and your business allowed attendance, under what conditions would you consider attending (check all that apply)?

  • Social distancing: 38%
  • Masking: 51%
  • Proof of vaccination: 53%
  • Complete clearance from N.J. Dept. of Health: 13%
  • Complete clearance from CDC: 13%
  • Temperature check: 26%
  • No conditions needed: 24%

Does your business host networking events?

  • Yes: 46%
  • No: 54%

If your business hosts events, when is the next one planned for?

  • Next 3 months: 24%
  • 3-6 months: 9%
  • 6-12 months: 5%
  • Next 12-24 months: 2%
  • Already has hosted an event: 20%
  • Has no plans to host event: 30%
  • Don’t know: 10%