Cross River launches ‘Making Waves’ campaign to help small businesses, entrepreneurs

Cross River Bank, the Fort Lee-based online lender and financial services company, is celebrating National Small Business Week with a splash.

The fintech company on Monday launched “Making Waves with Cross River,” a campaign dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“A wave is created by the simplest disruption in the water, but can grow to a powerful force impacting everything around it,” the bank said in a statement. “This season, we’ll send ripples through our communities, fueling change and rising together.”

The campaign will run through the end of the year and feature several initiatives, including grant programs, small business support, content, events and more, the bank said. Cross River will also be partnering with community organizations that support diverse small businesses.

Phil Goldfeder. (File photo)

“During the pandemic, when families needed a sense of normalcy, it was these small community businesses that provided some relief,” said Phil Goldfeder, senior vice president of global public affairs at Cross River.

Cross River kicked off its campaign on Monday by visiting some of the New Jersey businesses that secured Paycheck Protection Program loans through the bank, including Riviera Maya Mexican Cuisine in Bogota.

The bank leveraged partnerships with fintech companies to provide more than $13 billion in PPP loans to 480,000 businesses across the country, becoming one of the nation’s largest providers of the loans that were meant to help keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic.

“At Cross River, we have not forgotten what our job is or who we need to serve, and are truly humbled to play our part in getting small businesses back up so they can continue to serve our community,” Goldfeder said.

As part of the Making Waves campaign, Cross River will be partnering with several organizations, including the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation and others.

The bank said it will be releasing further details in the coming weeks, and anyone interested in learning more can visit