Tenn. carrier picks Orbcomm to upgrade fleet tracking

Orbcomm Inc., the Rochelle Park-based provider of Internet of Things solutions, has been selected to upgrade the fleet of a truckload carrier operating out of Tennessee.

Orbcomm will upgrade the fleet of Skyline Transportation, based in Knoxville, providing the company with its integrated in-cab and asset tracking solutions, Orbcomm said in a statement.

“Orbcomm’s priority is to make our customers’ business operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and our powerful telematics double play gives Skyline a significant edge by allowing them to track and manage their entire fleet through a single pane of glass,” said Chris MacDonald, Orbcomm’s senior vice president of transportation solutions. “By leveraging deep data insights through our advanced platform, Skyline can decrease operating costs and improve productivity through real-time asset management and continuous visibility.”

Skyline President Jeff Reed said Orbcomm’s telematics solutions have helped to improve the efficiency and performance of his company’s operations.

“We’re looking forward to working with Orbcomm for the long term to continue to add new feature sets and capabilities to our telematics solutions to enhance the driver experience and improve workflow across our operations,” said Reed, who serves as the 2021 chairman of the Tennessee Trucking Association.