Room with a view: Why NRIA is bullish on its Gold Coast luxury property

Luxury real estate developer and investment firm NRIA is making a bet on the desires of the growing number of Manhattanites heading to New Jersey: They’ll still want a view of the city.

And easy access back to New York City.

That’s why NRIA executive Rich Stabile said the Secaucus-based firm is bullish when it comes to investing on the Gold Coast, with residential real estate projects in development in West New York, Guttenberg and Union City.

Its latest project may be its best one yet. In what will be a feat of architecture and engineering, NRIA is blasting through the New Jersey Palisades’ cliffs to build the 1300 Manhattan, a gated luxury residential community currently under construction in Union City.

NRIA plans to build the 1300 Manhattan directly into the cliffside itself, which will allow the 55-unit, four-building condominium complex to overlook the city of Hoboken and offer sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline.

Stabile, senior vice president of new construction & sales for NRIA, said the 1300 Manhattan will be the “crown jewel” of the Gold Coast.

“It will be like nothing this market has seen,” he said.

The development, scheduled to be completed in spring 2023, will offer hotel-like amenities, including shuttle service, gym, indoor pool with outdoor lounge area, bar and meeting room, children’s play area, spa and sauna, and multiple decks with outdoor fireplaces.

Perhaps most importantly, the cliffside enclave is just minutes away from the Lincoln Tunnel and PATH trains, offering easy access to the city for commuters.

For those workers who will not return to the office in Manhattan post-pandemic, Stabile said life on the Gold Coast will be conducive to working at home. The area’s walkable neighborhoods and shops, restaurants and public parks make living and working at home easy, he said.

But for the others who must return to their Manhattan office, North Hudson’s Gold Coast communities provide much-needed benefits.

“People who work in Manhattan want to remain close to their work while taking a step back from the city’s drawbacks,” Stabile said. “That’s what makes places like Union City so attractive. We find young professionals like the city-like lifestyle it provides, but that you can get more for your money.”

While the influx of New Yorkers may include some weary of some aspects of Manhattan life, Stabile said NRIA believes they don’t want to be too far away from the dining, arts and entertainment that makes New York sparkle. And that sparkling skyline, NRIA believes, is a big part of what makes New Jersey’s Gold Coast communities so hot right now.

Of course, former Manhattanites don’t even have to leave their new homes to see their former one. The city’s skyline is visible from almost anywhere in North Hudson’s neighborhoods. It’s a fact NRIA took seriously.

Tony Ulisse, NRIA’s senior vice president of construction analysis, said the 1300 Manhattan was designed specifically to capture the best possible views of New York City.

“It has to be seen to be believed,” he said. “Floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The vista is spectacular, with a sweeping view of the Hudson River and Manhattan.

“Where else can you find a view like this in New Jersey? It’s spectacular.”

Princeton-based Michael Graves Architecture and Design was enlisted by NRIA to do design work that takes full advantage of those views. Principal architect Robert Blaser said he was happy to get the call.

“Designwise, the site is spectacular,” he said. “The views of Manhattan are there, of course, but the southern views are just as magnificent. You can see south to the Atlantic Highlands, and down to Sandy Hook.”